D-11 to #EXOrDIUMinMalaysia
March 6, 2017 | 10:32 AM | 0 Ask

So, i wasnt here for almost 5 months. Wahahhaahha well u kno just like i say before this in my previous post, i'm a bit busy with college life. And to inform u guys againnn, (since i'm rarely update my blog) its already March 2017 now. And thats mean i'll turn 20 this year ohmygod can u see how fast time flies? Well, i dont really care about my age actually. What i care the most is, how should i survive in the real world later? I mean, yea after i finish my studies ofc.

Ok i didnt want to tell u guys about my life story actually. I just want to tell u guys that #EXOrDIUMinMalaysia is just 11 days ahead right nowww! Weh honestly, i'm sooo shakinggg like AHSVSCVAN. Its fckin next week ohmygod i swear i'm fckin excited for the concert seriously. But then, well yea this year i'm going without my parents' permission and they dont even know about it. I didnt tell them anything so yea. Wish me luck bcs i'm so scared if they know about this. Since during last year concert which is #EXOluXioninMalaysia, they do give permission with some conditions and one of them is; "this is the first and last concert that i can attend". Lmao isnt it funny? Arent they should be supporting my fangirl life? I wouldnt be fangirl for the rest of my life. But for now, they should just let  me meet all my oppas arent they?

I'm using all my pocket money and education money which is my ptptn to buy the rockzone ticket. Its ROCKZONE M yall. I cant believe i'll see them clearly infront of my eyes! During EXOluXion i can only see them through screen u kno? Since i'm short sightened and my fault i didnt bring along my specs lol bad me. So yea soooo unclear but yea gladly i still can see them eventhough through screen only.

So yea, wish me luck. I'll obviously write about the concert later. And i'll attach some of the photos too. So, stay tuned