Back and Lost and Hi
November 23, 2016 | 10:37 AM | 0 Ask
Hi guysss. 

Woah it seems like i only update one new post and dissappear again. I'm so sorry i really didnt mean it to not update my blog. There are too much stories to be told but i just dont know how i should tell you guys. Right now i'm having my semester break. It wasnt great at all and i really want to start studying again dmn. This is sooo not me. Usually i really dont want to come back to college life but right now i feel like i really need college rather than this fckin break. At first, i'm planning to find a part time job. But i take too much time to go searching for job and at last the vacancy is already full. As a result, here i am doing nothing at home. 24/7 with kdramas, sleep, kdramas, sleep, eat and again again again. 

I'm planning to go to IOI City Mall this Friday. And today is already Thursday and yes i dont even ask my parents yet dmn me. I want to go there because SPAO doing its grand opening on Friday. So, theres so much discount that they offered. And i think i really need to go eventhough i dont have money because i just want to know how it feels to join the grand opening of a boutique. They also offered special discount for SPAO x EXO Limited Edition tees ohmygod! I help some of Malaysian EXOLS to buy their tees there. Because i told you, SPAO rarely made this kind of offer. Even if its during Christmas or New Year, the offer wasnt the same as the grand opening sale seriously. So guys wish me luck in persuading my parents to let me go to IOI this Friday.

I'll update another post next time.

Bye :)