Back Again 💐
October 14, 2016 | 5:31 PM | 0 Ask
I've left blogging for so long nah the last post i've made was on 2013 but i've deleted all of my post since it was sooo unmature. I wont ever post that kind of entry again damn i feel so shy. So, this is my new life. I'll tell u guys about my current life here. I may not be able to update once a week and 7 days a week is so damn impossible. I'm kind of busy now with my studies. I didnt mean that during my school life i wasnt busy. It just that i've got busier in college life compared to school. 

Just to let u know, i am now 19 y/o and currently a college student. Can u imagine how a 16 y/o school student posts a blog entry? Compared to 19 y/o college student? Thats why i decided to delete all my post on my blog. But dont worry i'm still the same owner that u guys knew. I've been away for too long right? And tbh i'm kinda miss blogging. I miss to share stories with my blog readers. Thank you guys for reading all my entries. I really appreciate ur hardwork. 

I'll post my college life, love life, friendship life all of mine in here. Ah and before that, i'm sorry for all the grammar error since i'm not that good in english. But hey practice makes perfect and thats my reason why i want to post all the becoming entries in english. 

Enjoy your life guys adios ✌🏼️